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Turkey Tours

Turkey is bridge between Asia and Europe. The country has most of land is Asia, some small part in Europe. Turkey is surrounded by the sea from North by Black sea, from west by Aegean sea and from South by Mediterranean sea. Turkey is a unique bridge between eastern and western civilizations. The land which has been the homemany civilizations since the beginning of history. It is difficult to find another land on earth in which one civilization leads to another. Turkey, with its rich past, stands as a challenging resource for both art historians and archeologists; it is a real open-air museum of art and architecture. The artistic history of Turkey is very rich and goes back to the beginning of history. Many examples of these are on exhibition at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. The Hittite Empire, the Greek and Roman Empires, The Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks empires was on the Anatolian land. The most memorable of these are; Troya, Miletus, Priene, Didyma, Pergamum, Aphrodisias with the Temple of Aphrodite, Ephesus with its world famous Temple of Artemis; one of the seven ancient wonders of the world. The Ottoman Turkish art and architecture built great mosques, covered bazaars, madrasas and palaces.You will see below page Turkey Package Tours included Istanbul, Troy, Gallipoli, Ephesus, Pergamum, Pamukkale, Cappadocia and the other places. You can choice which tour program is best for you and you can contact with us for booking.

Turkey Package Tours

CAP-01BCappadocia Magicland Tour2 DaysBy Bus190 €uro175 €uro160 €uro
CAP-03FCappadocia Magicland Tour2 DaysBy Flight370 €uro310 €uro290 €uro
EPH-02BMini Western Turkey Tour2 DaysBy Bus190 €uro170 €uro150 €uro
EPH-03FMini Stay Turkey Tour2 DaysBy Flight335 €uro310 €uro285 €uro
EPH-04BMini Stay Turkey Tour2 DaysBy Bus190 €uro170 €uro150 €uro
GELRSL-01Troy Ancient City and Gallipoli Battlefield Tours2 DaysBy Bus189 €uro169 €uro159 €uro
GELRSL-02Gallipoli Battlefield and Troy Ancient City Tours2 DaysBy Bus189 €uro169 €uro159 €uro
CAP-02BCappadocia Magicland Tour3 DaysBy Bus290 €uro245 €uro210 €uro
SCH-01Seven Church of Revelation Turkey 3 Days3 DaysBy Flight650 €uro590 €uro520 €uro
ANK-02BMini Stay Turkey Tour4 DaysBy Bus445 €uro375 €uro325 €uro
CAP-06BDreams of Turkey Tour4 DaysBy Bus425 €uro 370 €uro335 €uro
EPH-07BHotline Turkey Tour4 DaysBy Bus410 €uro 340 €uro315 €uro
GEL-05BDiscover Turkey Tour4 DaysBy Bus390 €uro 330 €uro310 €uro
PAM-01BFDreams of Turkey Tour4 DaysBy Bus & Flight520 €uro450 €uro420 €uro
CAP-08BDreams of Turkey Tour5 DaysBy Bus520 €uro450 €uro420 €uro
CAP-09FHotline Turkey Tour5 DaysBy Flight585 €uro 490 €uro415 €uro
EPH-06BDiscover Turkey Tour5 DaysBy Bus530 €uro 410 €uro365 €uro
EPH-09FHeritage Turkey Tour5 DaysBy Flight550 €uro460 €uro420 €uro
EPH-11FTreasures of Turkey Tour5 DaysBy Flight590 €uro510 €uro450 €uro
CAP-05BAffordable Turkey Tour6 DaysBy Bus580 €uro510 €uro440 €uro
GEL-01BHotline of Turkey Tour6 DaysBy Bus540 €uro450 €uro390 €uro
IEPH-03FDiscover Turkey Tour6 DaysBy Flight650 €uro520 €uro470 €uro
ANK-01BAffordable Turkey Tour7 DaysBy Bus620 €uro510 €uro450 €uro
CAP-04BDiscover Turkey Tour7 DaysBy Bus685 €uro 595 €uro525 €uro
EPH-10FTreasures of Turkey Tour7 DaysBy Flight750 €uro630 €uro560 €uro
SCH-02Seven Church of Revelation Turkey 7 Days7 DaysBy Flight950 €uro780 €uro690 €uro
CAP-07BDiscover Turkey Tour8 DaysBy Bus785 €uro670 €uro600 €uro
GEL-07BHighlights of Turkey Tour8 DaysBy Bus780 €uro 670 €uro600 €uro
EPH-12BHotline of Turkey Tour9 DaysBy Bus895 €uro765 €uro675 €uro
IANK-02BAffordable Turkey Tour9 DaysBy Bus1045 €uro815 €uro760 €uro
ICAP-06BDreams of Turkey Tour9 DaysBy Bus810 €uro720 €uro650 €uro
ICAP-09FHighligts of Turkey Tour9 DaysBy Flight1025 €uro 890 €uro780 €uro
IEPH-07BDiscover Turkey Tour9  DaysBy Bus830 €uro690 €uro620 €uro
IEPH-09FTreasures of Turkey Tour9 DaysBy Flight1185 €uro 945 €uro885 €uro
IGEL-05BHeritage Turkey Tour9  DaysBy Bus890 €uro740 €uro660 €uro
EPH-05BWonderful Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus885 €uro 750 €uro680 €uro
EPH-08BTreasures of Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus900 €uro790 €uro680 €uro
GEL-02BDiscover Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus920 €uro770 €uro690 €uro
GEL-04BHighlights of Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus930 €uro790 €uro720 €uro
ICAP-08BAffordable Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus985 €uro 800 €uro695 €uro
IEPH-06BHeritage Turkey Tour10 DaysBy Bus940 €uro810 €uro755 €uro
ANK-03BFAffordable Turkey Tour11 DaysBy Bus & Flight1040 €uro920 €uro820 €uro
IGEL-01BDiscover Turkey Tour11 DaysBy Bus1020 €uro870 €uro785 €uro
GEL-03BHighlights of Turkey Tour12 DaysBy Bus1080 €uro950 €uro830 €uro
ICAP-07BDiscover Turkey Tour13 DaysBy Bus1190 €uro 1010 €uro925 €uro
IGEL-07BWonderful Turkey Tour13 DaysBy Bus1170 €uro1020 €uro925 €uro
IANK-03BFDiscover Turkey Tour14 DaysBy Bus & Flight1290 €uro1,140 €uro980 €uro
ICAP-10BWonderful Turkey Tour14 DaysBy Bus1345 €uro1085 €uro985 €uro
IEPH-12BHeritage Turkey Tour14 DaysBy Bus1260 €uro1120 €uro990 €uro
IEPH-05BAffordable Turkey Tour15 DaysBy Bus1390 €uro1270 €uro1145 €uro
IEPH-08BHeritage Turkey Tour15 DaysBy Bus1425 €uro 1170 €uro1020 €uro
IGEL-04BDiscover Turkey Tour15 DaysBy Bus1470 €uro1220 €uro1110 €uro
IGEL-08BFHighlights of Turkey Tour16 DaysBy Bus & Flight1470 €uro1,300 €uro1140 €uro
IGEL-03BDiscover Turkey Tour17 DaysBy Bus1620 €uro1350 €uro1185 €uro
GEL-06BFDiscover Turkey Tour19 DaysBy Bus & Flight1995 €uro1615 €uro1425 €uro
IGEL-06BFDiscover Turkey Tour22 DaysBy Bus & Flight2090 €uro1770 €uro1630 €uro

Turkey Tours

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